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Real Water Impacts!

The Water Tree Foundation has already restored more than 3.6 million Litres of water and this is only the start. As we expand our sites each year, we are committed to reclaiming all the water produced by previous year's participants. This initiative is continuously growing and will thrive with your support. 

Reclaim. Restore. Respect.

Real Results.
See for yourself.

Discover our interactive map on the right, showcasing all the participants in the Water Tree Foundation's groundbreaking water reclamation projects. By simply selecting any location, you can uncover specific information about each site, from the impressive volume of water they reclaim to the remarkable water quality results they achieve. This innovative map aims to provide complete transparency for all our projects, allowing you to witness the tangible impact the Water Tree Foundation is making in the world.

It starts with you. 

It is widely recognized that our world is currently facing a water crisis, with water shortages becoming increasingly prevalent. The issue of water pollution poses a serious threat to accessing clean drinking water. Shockingly, the UN reports that a staggering 80 percent of wastewater worldwide is released back into the ecosystem without any form of treatment or reuse. However, you have the power to make a significant impact.

By joining forces with the Water Tree Foundation, you have the incredible opportunity to create a tangible impact. With your support, we can restore polluted water sources worldwide and provide much-needed assistance to the communities and systems that are in desperate need. These systems often lack any viable options for treatment, as they are situated in remote areas with limited access to affordable energy and skilled labor. Additionally, they struggle to secure funds for constructing the costly infrastructure typically found in developed nations. Together, we can work towards achieving the UN's sustainable development goal of halving the proportion of untreated polluted water that enters our precious ecosystem. 

Together we can reclaim, restore, and respect Water.

Participant Highlight. 

The positive transformation of Cafe Pacayal's wastewater lagoon brought immense joy to all involved. For years, the untreated poor water quality had caused grave concerns, particularly due to the unpleasant odours. However, since the cooperative became a participant in the water reclamation program with the Water Tree Foundation, not only have the odours vanished, but the water has also become crystal clear, ready for utilization in their operations and irrigation needs.
Cafe Pacayal - 1
Cafe Pacayal - 6